Newsletter March 31, 2020

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COVID-19 Disaster Response

clinic peopleMayView has transitioned into a model COVID clinic. We have a robust remote telehealth service to keep patients and providers at home. Patients are communicating by phone or video visits, replacing many in-person appointments. By keeping people home we can maintain distancing and prevent unneeded exposure to the coronavirus or other respiratory infections.

We also have two clinic locations where patients can be seen who require in-person visits. At our Mountain View site we see young children for required immunizations and check their growth milestones. We also see pregnant women for prenatal visits in Mountain View. All patients are screened before their visits for signs of infection.

At our Sunnyvale site, we see patients with respiratory infections in their cars. If necessary, we can do COVID-19 testing while they remain in their cars. We also see others who do not have respiratory symptoms but need to see a provider in person to evaluate or treat their conditions. We are fortunate to have multiple locations where we can maintain distancing while caring for our full patient population.

48 Years of Service to the Community

team whole

Accepting the Lifetime Service Award from MV Chamber of Commerce, from left: Dr. Kristi Weng, Sandra Flordstedt, Loretta Kirton, Griselda Lopez, Ken Graham, Zach Landes, Luisa Bauda, Ashley Piel, Natalie Jimenez, Charlene Gliniecki

For the past 48 years, with the help of literally hundreds of passionate, dedicated board members, employees and volunteers, MayView Community Health Center has worked to provide access to primary care, preventive care and wellbeing to our most vulnerable neighbors.

The health center was founded in Palo Alto in 1972, as the not-for-profit Our Health Center, Inc., later renamed MayField Clinic. Located in the County Courthouse with the charter to provide health care to young underserved women, it later expanded to serve all low-income people. The neighboring non-profit Mountain View clinic was opened to serve the needs of a rapidly expanding population in its own community. In 1996, MayField Clinic merged the Mountain View Clinic to form MayView Community Health Center. Later a third MayView clinic was opened in Sunnyvale as part of the Columbia Neighborhood Center.

Since MayView found its roots in the Free Clinic tradition, the goal from the very start was to ensure that every person had access to excellent medical care without consideration of financial status.

Mountain View Clinic  ●  Sunnyvale Clinic  ●  Palo Alto Clinic  ●  650-327-8717 ● This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gratitude to Our Board of Directors

From the beginning in 1972, the MayView Board of Directors has been comprised of all community volunteers. They have had the responsibility to sustain the clinics, find funding, select CEOs, establish Strategic Plans, evaluate the performance of the corporation, and assure the quality of care for our patients.

There have been hundreds of board members over the past 48 years. Each has given their time, made donations, and sweated the details of operating the clinic with pressures placed on all not-for-profit organizations —always more to do than the funding can accomplish.

We have been so fortunate with our current Board. They are each highly dedicated and committed to the sustainability of care for our patients in north Santa Clara County.

Zach Landes -Board President
Sang-ick Chang, MD -Vice President
Unmesh Agarwal -Treasurer
Sandra Florstedt -Secretary
Akshay Murty -Audit Chair
Baldeep Singh, MD -Member
Maria Tescarino, MD -QI Chair
Marilyn Winkleby -Personnel Chair
Michelle McGowen -Member
Walter Kimberling -Member

In 2018 the Board adopted new Bylaws to facilitate application to full Federally Qualified Health Center status. They also adopted a new 3-year Strategic Plan that called for becoming a full FQHC. Or, if that was unsuccessful, to seek alternative corporate opportunities based on very specific criteria.

When the FQHC application was not approved in August 2019, MayView was able to immediately pivot using its previously adopted criteria to seek acquisition with nearby Ravenswood Family Health Center FQHC. The board understood that such a choice would require the elimination of the MayView Board. Yet ongoing operations of the clinics and continuity of care for MayView patients was a higher priority.

Our deepest appreciation goes to each board member for the 48-year legacy they represent, and the new vitality enabled for current clinic sites and the new expanded Ravenswood FQHC.

48 Years of Service continued ...

Through the years, MayView has been one of the few locations for primary care for Medi-Cal and underinsured individuals. It receives critical financial support from El Camino Healthcare, Santa Clara County Health System, Stanford Healthcare, Packard Children's Hospital, Kaiser Hospitals, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and the cities of Palo Alto, Mountain View and Sunnyvale.

Beginning a new chapter in April 2020, MayView will be acquired by Ravenswood Family Health Center FQHC located in East Palo Alto. Driven by a mutual desire to uphold their missions for the long term, both organizations agree that this is the best path forward for MayView to sustain the three current MayView sites and the patients they serve.

“MayView has been an invaluable partner in the North County for almost half a century. And we are so excited that Ravenswood will continue to carry the torch that MayView lit 47 years ago.” —Joseph Simitian, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Today MayView serves about 9,000 patients a year, accounting for approximately 30,000 patient encounters annually. After the acquisi-tion, Ravenswood is expected to serve a combined 27,000 patients with approximately 100,000 patient encounters each year.

Palo Alto Clinic Under Refresh

PA Clinicis ready for its faceliftMayView Community Health Center in Palo Alto has been in service for 48 years. Over the years, the clinic has occasion-ally received a variety of paint updates. However the floors have never been replaced, and as most staff and visitors see every day, they are long over-due for repair and replacement.

Last year the City of Palo Alto awarded MayView $142,000 to replace the floors and repaint the clinic. The funds came from the Federal HUD program, which required an extensive specification and bid process. On March 26, approvals were received to proceed.

Site Supervisor Loretta Kirton led the effort this past week to clear the clinic. On Friday the clinic closed to make way for the project to get underway at 6:00 a.m. on March 30. Ashley Peil, Director of Finance led the grant applica-tion, the bidding process, and now will oversee the contractor.

The project is expected to be completed within three weeks. Upon reopening, Jacobian Engineering will install all new IT infrastructure, desktop, and portable computers. So in addition to new clean floors and paint, the functionality of the computers will be much improved. Further, all the clinics will have received these new computer upgrades and will be capable of moving forward with preparations for upgrade to the new EPIC electronic medical record system on July 14.

MayView Disaster Response continued ...

MayView providers over 65 years old, as well as many other staff, are working from home. Laptops are being issued to staff and providers to help them work remotely. We are fortunate to have a surplus at this time as we install new equipment and are able to recycle our old equipment for home use.

Our partners at Ravenswood are facing the same challenges, and we are joining forces, sharing resources and information to make our clinics stronger and more available.



Moving On

Kirsti Weng, MD, Medical Director to return to Stanford

photo Kirsti WengEffective April 1, 2020, Kirsti Weng, MD, MayView Medical Director, will return to Stanford as Section Chief of Primary Care. Kirsti has served at MayView since November 2018 and has had a very positive impact on developing our clinical offerings, organizing our medical teams, and supporting the advancement of standard work practices. She has also been a positive leader in raising funds for MayView through the Stanford Medical School “Winter Celebration” in February 2019, and then sponsor-ing at her home the very positive and successful “Jazz in the Garden” fundraising event last September

Ken Graham, CEO steps back toward retirement

photo Ken GrahamPreviously retired in 2017, Ken was called to see if he could help administratively at MayView in January 2018. Since then, Ken has assisted MayView to grow volume, organize medical teams, and expand services as MayView transitions into a more predictable future. Ken feels that a key accomplishment was to sustain continuous operations and continuity of patient care. While Ken will assist MayView with its residual corporate functions over the next few months, he said he is going to attempt to retire for the third time.

MayView Community Health Center, Inc.

The MayView Community Health Center, Inc. will continue forward only a very limited part-time basis led by the current MayView board and CEO. The organization will have no patient care or service functions. It will collect residual revenues from patients, insurance companies, and government entities. It will file required statistical and financial reports, including an annual audit. In the short run, MayView expects to contract back to Ravenswood for very selected financial, construction management, and HR services. Over the next 3 to 12 months, after filing reports with the state and federal offices, MayView will formally disband.

Spotlight On

Anthony Yeh

Photo of Anthony YehAnthony Yeh is our most recent hometown success story!

Anthony was raised in Mountain Viewas one of three triplets. He had a pretty challenging childhood He was a pudgy kid who suffered from obesity. He alsohad family members with chronic illnesses that affected the whole family.

Anthony was able to take control of his health and was inspired to help others with similar problems, and those with chronic illnesses as he saw his own family members improve. He became very involved in the community while attending UC Davis. As he prepared to go to medical school, Anthony found meaningful work here at MayView that aligned with his desire to help patients, the community, and grow his knowledge of medicine.

Even as we celebratethe fruition of Anthony’s dream, we are also sad to say goodbye as he matriculates to a Masters in Public Health Program combined with Doctor of Osteopathy program at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Vallejo, California.

We appreciate Anthony's contributions to our Clinics.He has been a lead scribe organizing teams. He served asliaison for NextGen, and assisted with EHR improvements. And most recently, Anthony served on the senior management team creating new work flows and managing the scribes.

We are proud to send Anthony off to join the next generation of practitioners who use a holistic approach to care for the community. Congratulations Anthony!

foto Graduating Class of 2020

MayView Community Health Center Graduating Class of 2020

Commencing a New Era as Employees of Ravenswood Family Health Network

Maricruz Altamirano Garcia

Aarthi Anand

Juan Carlos Aviles Soto

Maragadham Balu

Jennifer Cabello-Chavez

Juanita Cervantes

Soham Chakraborty

Meena Chelvakumar

Wing Ting Cheung

Renee Cosio

Chris Cuesta

Richard De La Garza

Dora Diaz Arias

Rebeca Diaz Meza

Kari Fish

Richard Foy

Charlene Gliniecki

Iris Gonzalez

Gabriela Gonzalez Martinez

Shian Hong

Alexandra Horevitz

Donna Hua

Jennifer Infante

Binui Morales Jarvio

Natalie Jimenez

Tiffany Jo Trieu

Catherine Juliet Keating

Loretta Kirton

Yesica Landaverde

Anai Leonos

Sasha Liu

Marisela Lopez

Griselda Lopez

Anaiz Lopez Chavarin

Maria Pia

Luparello Chelsie Mati

Toby Maurer

Jennifer McKenzie

Miriam Mederos Gomez

Lumen Medrano

Alma Rosa Mendoza Blanca

Montoya Jennifer

Ortiz Garcia

Christa Padmore-King

Sonia Padula

Mayra Palacios

Sima Parsotam

Ashley Peil

Lolita Pena

Jessie Peng

Jacquelin Perez Ruiz

Araceli Pizarro Valencia

Sandra Potter

Elizabeth Puga

Anais Quintero-Garcia

Alexandra Ramirez

Gabriela Sanchez

Susana Jimenez Santana

Jessica Schreier

Swarnapali Seneviratna

Victoria Stanton

Lucia Tanassi

Rosaura Torres

Andrea Valencia

Angelica Valle

Amanda van Gils

Jessica Vargas

Naila Vargas

Liliana Villegas

Jessica Viteri-Kirton

Shannon Wu

Melanie Zamora

Mohammad Zarghami

Karina Zhuravleva

Michelle Zuniga-Hernandez

Patricia Zunia-Hernandez

Elba Zurita

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