Important Updates: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

Updated: 10/7/2020

For the protection of our patients and staff, we ask that anyone with concerns about COVID-19 symptoms to please call (650) 327-8717 before coming in so that a staff member can speak with you. If you are having severe symptoms, trouble breathing, or a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911.

COVID-19 TESTING ~ We are testing MayView and Ravenswood patients who are both asymptomatic and symptomatic for COVID-19. If you are a patient and are interested in being tested, please call our appointment line at 650-327-8717. We are not accepting walk-ins for testing or medical care.

Patients can be tested at either of the following locations and days, regardless of where they usually receive care:

  • MayView Sunnyvale Clinic on Mondays and Thursdays via drive-thru at 785 Morse Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
  • Ravenswood’s Main Clinic in East Palo Alto on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays via drive-thru at 1885 Bay Road, East Palo Alto, CA 94303

GENERAL PATIENT SERVICES ~ MayView Community Health Center is temporarily consolidating clinic operations due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Walk-in clinics are temporarily suspended. Do NOT go to a MayView clinic without an appointment. If you have a medical question/concern, please call our main appointment line at (650) 327-8717. 

Until further notice, we will continue to see patients for the following, limited services:

  • Mountain View Clinic:
    • Family Planning
    • Prenatal Visits
    • Well Baby/Child Checks
    • Childhood Immunizations
    • Telehealth Appointments*
    • Chiropractic Visits
  • Sunnyvale (CNC) Clinic:
    • Acute Illness (ONLY after initial Telehealth appointment/screening)
    • COVID-19 Testing (ONLY after initial Telehealth appointment/screening, drive-up only)
    • Telehealth Appointments*
  • Palo Alto Clinic:
    • Telehealth Diabetes Management*

*Telehealth ~ Telehealth appointments are held through SecureVideo and require downloading an application on your phone/tablet/computer. MayView staff will call patients with Telehealth appointments 20 minutes before their scheduled time to assist with setting up devices for video/phone connectivity with MayView providers.

PREVENT GETTING SICK ~ Stay home, wash your hands, don't touch your face, and wear a mask if you must go out in public

Remember, the best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus by staying at home. Only leave to engage in essential activities, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and practice social distancing. If you must leave home, everyone over the age of 6 years should wear a face mask, even if you don't have any symptoms. This "community mask" is an important part of breaking the chain of transmission, does not need to be a medical or N95 mask, and can be made easily at home. Click here for CDC's instructional video for how to make your own face mask.

All these measures will save lives. We are in this together, so please be kind, check on your neighbors, stay connected, and call us if you have questions. Please check our website regularly for updates.

COVIDtesting Sunnyvale/CNC staff prepare for COVID-19 testing.


For the latest information about the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), please refer to the:

For local assistance, please visit these government and service organization websites: