Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs

mayview-plaquePhysicians and nurses who are interested in volunteering in our clinics are invited to send their resume and a letter indicating their area of interest to:

Other volunteers may be able to help with special projects, including our patient satisfaction survey, or with one-day events like painting our exam rooms.

MayView participates in Stanford University’s Patient Advocacy program, a unique program where undergraduate students enroll in a class on community health and make a one-year commitment to working with one of four clinic organizations. After completing a training program, students are able to assist our providers and get hands-on experience in a clinical setting. In addition, the students help with the implementation of new technologies and new programs, and with evaluation, and our annual patient satisfaction survey. MayView has had a rich and long history of working with both undergraduate students, graduate students, and medical school students. If you are a Stanford student interested in this program, please contact The Office of Community Health at Stanford.

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