HighFiveWho We Are

MayView Community Health Center (MayView) is a nonprofit primary care clinic devoted to providing healthcare to low-income families and individuals throughout northern Santa Clara County with clinics located in Palo Alto, Mt. View and Sunnyvale. MayView staff celebrate and share the rich cultural and language backgrounds of our patients and community. We practice a culture of health and speak the language of caring.

Our Mission

MayView was founded in 1972 to provide high quality primary health care to low-income people from all cultural and language backgrounds, regardless of ability to pay.

We emphasize early access to care and prevention, and we encourage patient self-responsibility by helping patients participate in decisions about their health, and by addressing relevant psychosocial and economic issues.

The MayView Way

The MayView Way is a set of values and performance standards that we strive to achieve every day. The MayView Way is a set of promises we make to each other for the benefit of our patients and community as a family of compassionate professionals.

  • Our Patients are our greatest priority
  • Our Attitude is respectful, professional & authentic
  • Our Community is defined by collaborative team work, effective communication and problem solving
  • Our Professionalism projects patient-centered care, innovation, and continuous quality improvement

Community Partnerships

MayView partners with Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital Systems, which provides clinic facilities and grants to MayView. Just as importantly, they give our patients with access to specialty medical care, hospitalization, urgent care, and emergency care.

MayView is a provider partner of the Valley Health Plan and Santa Clara Family Health Plan. We participate in Medi-Cal Managed Care, Healthy Families, and Healthy Kids programs.  MayView is also a provider partner of Blue Cross of California for State-sponsored programs.

As a founding member of Community Health Partnership of Santa Clara County (CHPSCC) and a member of California Primary Care Association, MayView works with other community health clinics to ensure that all Californians-regardless of income, insurance, race or ethnicity-have access to quality health care in their own communities, and to reduce health disparities rooted in poverty and social injustice.

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